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Their Finest Hour

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Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour Box Art.

Their Finest Hour is an official expansion to Hearts of Iron from Paradox Interactive. It was released on 2012-09-26.



  • Leaders now have traits that are always active and counterbalance opposing tactics
  • Aggression slider allows for setting a default posture for units
  • Leaders are now able to gain traits and new traits have been added
  • Units now have an armor value and armor piercing value
  • Combined arms is now achieved through a balance of unit types


  • Custom game mode: Allows you to edit the technologies of your starting nation
  • Strategic warfare screens show the status of the strategic war
  • OOB: Now in two windows. Also has a leader selection traits filter
  • Battle planning: Plan the axis for attack in a new map mode
  • Two new detailed battle scenarios, the Finish Winter War and the Spanish Civil War

Diplomacy & Intelligence:

  • Lend lease is now available
  • Tech stealing is now possible
  • Covert espionage mission allows for province specific actions
  • Military espionage now shows results on the map

New Units:

  • All major powers can now build unique units in limited numbers (Rangers, SS, Guards, etc.)
  • There are now two different types of landing craft for invasions

For more details, refer to the Developer Diaries


Hearts of Iron III Their Finest Hour manual