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Cavalry, coordination penalty

I checked, Cavalry do give a CA bonus like infantry -Vakarr

Yep, I checked too, now we need to rewrite the thing ;) -malevoiy

You are correct about the Cavalry. I am confused by the articles claim that the theater commander reduces a "coordination penalty." AFIK there is no such penalty - and no such 12-division limit for attacks (this is determined by frontage) - and the theater commander reduces the "stacking penalty." Anybody got an idea what this is about? Charles

From what I can gather, The co-ordination penalty is 1% for every division over 12 engaged in a battle, modified by the Theatre Leader's skill. Allowed units (i.e. divisions) in a combat = integer ( frontage / unit width ) + 1 The stacking limit relates to Divisions, while the Frontage relates to brigades. So the Theatre Commander skill allows more divisions to enter a combat without incurring a stacking limit penalty. See Stacking Limits Chris

Actual combat resolution

Guys I read the wiki, and that old thread about combat resolution. Also take look into defines.lua and the dice sizes and the other damage modifiers are a bit different. I don't want to edit the wiki page unless I am sure and I am not sure. Do you know a newer thread on the forums about it that I can check?

Also is it founded how the actual strength level modifies the losses and the attack and defense abilities of a divison?

Oh and one more thing how does damage distributed between combat and support brigades? Drhavoc (talk) 18:39, 30 July 2013 (CEST)

I know the link concerning combat resolution needs to be eliminated, but I don't know of any thread that could replace it. IIRC blue emu provided an explanation on combat resolution in the main forum. Perhaps try searching "blue emu and combat"?
Since I finished testing on the shatter mechanism (will change things later), I am getting ready to do some minor testing on strength effects.
No known understanding - the division incurs damage as a whole, but I imagine there is some hidden mechanism to distribute damage. The best test would be to create a division with one combat- and one support-brigade and see what happens.
How did you create your User/Talk link? I'm knew to this whole wiki thing. Charles Reeps

- The talk link is at the top of the page/screen next to your name if you have logged in, just click on it and the talk page will be created if you don't have one already. Chris