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The HoI3 expansion For The Motherland includes Strategic Resources to enhance game play.

The effects from strategic resources can be shared with other nations:

  • Major nations receive the benefits of strategic resources from any other nation within their faction
  • Faction leaders receive the benefits of strategic resources from any nation that is closely aligned to their faction so long as:
    • The aligned nation has their capital on the same continent as the faction leader
    • The aligned nation shares a coastline on the same ocean as the faction leader


Strategic Resource Effect Modifier
aluminium air build speed -15%
rubber mobile movement speed 15%
heavy water nuke research 40%
uranium nuke research 40%
tungsten hard attack 15%
fur winter effects -33%
black soil global manpower modifier 10%
cinchona jungle effects -33%
helium rocket build speed -15%
gold global money 33%
horses supply throughput 10%
antibiotics casualty trickleback 5%
ballbearings unit repair 15%
prefab ship facilities naval base efficiency 33%
dockyard facilities naval build speed -15%
oil refinery fuel conversion 50%
automotive industry tank build speed -15%