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This mod creates a random scenario for HOI III, creating random provinces, countries, leaders, minsters, with changes on AI to perform better in an ahistorical scenario. Every game is different!

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location [1]
Current version 2.7
Last update March, 2013
Compatibility HoI3, SF, FTM, & TFH
Mod team SuiciSpai
AAR archives [2]


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound No
AI Yes (mostly, tech, production and diplomatic AI)
Technology Yes (Adittions for new units)
Map Yes (Scenario, not terrain)
Events Yes (Own made and HPP events)
New Units Yes (Two new units to fill gaps)
Game Mechanics Yes

"Example of a randomly generated game"



- Fix: More missing localizations
- Improvement: Revoke cores decision splitted. One for every faction.
- Improvement: Hardcoded localization of events moved to localization files.
- Cleaning: Cleaned all localization files and entries from HPP that are not used by RH.
- Added missing localization files from French, German and Spanish. (Just a plain copy from English, better that nothing).
- Translated some localization to Spanish.
- Fix: Elite techs no longer can be stolen
- Fix: Event for elite units active again if for some reason you don't have elite unit (for example, if you use CGM)
- Improvement: Suez canal now have an adjacency when the generator assigns provinces to a country.
- Balanced: Changed starting tech for air countries: bomber_targerting_focus by fighter_ground_control
- Fix: Legion brigade was not updating his techs! (doh!)
- Fix: Legion brigade wood defense adjusted to 0.05 and not 0.5
- Disables nuked events for USA, ENG, GER and SOV. Now they are using default events.
- Generator: Now paternal, fascist and absolutic monarchy governments start a little closer to axis faction.
- Generator: Clever division build whit initial units. No more land division messed up.
- Generator: 50% faster when assigning cores and forts
-Fixed some bugs in LUA scripts (the game was playing fine, but better if we fix it)
-AI will no longer declare war to exile countries
-AI will declare war to another country if his currents wars are against exile countries
-AI will have a little penalty to declare a war to a country inside a faction when the country is not on a faction or allied.
-Added more models to countries with (more o less) culture of the following countries : French,Spain,Japan,Belgium,Brazil,England,China.
-Added missing localization files for hpp events modifiers
-New elite unit, La legión española
-Pictures added for la legion and seaplane carrier
-Generic cgm bookmark.


-now countries will have elite units by focus, if focus is enabled.
--Land focus can have: alpini,alpins,guards or legion
--Tank focus can have: WaffenSS or legion
--Air focus can have: Rangers or Gurkha
--Naval focus can have: Imperial or legion
--As you can see, legion its a bit of jack of all trades, but worst than every other unit on their field.
-option to deactivate small bonus event (under tech tab)
-Some changes to the Generator UI. (colonial provinces settings now is on resources)
-Now Manpower and IC have their own option so you can set different settings for starting IC and manpower.
-Now you can select if you want the extra manpower event at start. (resources tab)
-More % options for IC,MP,LEA and OIL
-TAG without localization files solved
-Missing localization files
-Added models for some Spanish "states".
-Added models to USA states.
-Added Portuguese models to Azores TAG.


-Balanced starting tech tree for nation focus using starting points of CGM:
--Land focus: no changes
--Air focus now have at start the following techs
--Naval focus no longer have at start the following techs
--Tanks Focus now have at start the following techs
---elastic_defence=3 (instead of 2)
---Tank reliability=1

Thx to HoiValidator (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...oi3&p=15133751)

fixed typos on cb_types
fixed typos and errors on original country template of unit names.
HPP traits now can be gained on battle
-2.5 - 52 
-included more missing files
-localization files for objectives now works again
-included missing files
- TFH version
-Fixed crash with equal size.
-Build time of cags will be the same as in 2.3.
- Fixed crash on generator when the generation was lasting too long.
- Fixed some political events having 200 of org (when max is 100). This is now corrected
- A little of events cleaning (bad closing brackets etc.)
- Reworked adjecencies for new map in beta patch
- Added 13 new provinces
- Fixed the country at sea Bug
- Disabled old generator. Its not compatible with some changes in provinces, and was a baaaad generator.
- Random Hoi is now compatible with Random Map (someday..)
- Fixed an uncommented comment in LUA.
- Fixed a weird bug when choosing Laws for AI
- Islands are now more "free" to be colonies
- Fixed a rare infinite loop when there were less provinces-important than resources to add.

-Beta patch 3.062
-You can set practicals defaults by .txt now
-You can sort stats now
-Stats now show faction's leaders
-Stats now show ideology and government (By color or hovering mouse over TAG)
-(bug fix)AI now will not try to make alliance with countries that are in a faction
-Tweaked Event of releasing puppets. The country now must be more than twice (from 35 provinces to 75) larger and MTTH is higher
-Fixed little bug with You are small! events
-Changed some labels in generator
-Now Random Hoi has a fancy noobish Icon
-AI will try to not spam Military Access
-Ai will try to call allies to a limited war faster if they are losing.
-Allied countries will ask for Military Access and will not Cancel it if both are at war.
-Neutrality triggered effect its no longer active if you are at war.
-Naval size increased (was 14, now 16, as in 3.06)
-Ideology weight when influencing is increased (from 2.5 to 2.75)
-Neutrality to join factions is now 30 instead of 35
-Neutrality to join private alliances is now 35 instead of 40
-Neutrality relation change forming alliances is now only 30 instead of 50.
-Supply tax is now 0.85 instead of 0.8
-Added all changes that doesn't not affect random hoi (penalty for river crossing for example, is increased because vanilla patch). All new values in defines.lua are vanilla.
Patch changes (convert to 3.06):
-Updated cb_types
-Updated static-modifiers (now base leadership is 3.5 instead of 2, as in vanilla!)
-Adapted Comet sighted event!! (AI can fire it too)
-Adapted LUA (now AI can build underground again)
-Adapted tecnology (escort carriers and battleships now have a lot of more love!)
-Adapted units changes
-fixed a rare bug where a country did not start with basic air tech
-fixed a bug where a country is generated in sea
-added HPP decisions to give back cores to your allies
-AI will try to backstab countries that are already in war
-new modifications to the generator adjecencies list
-AI will declare less wars agains neighbours countries if they are colony neighbours..at least the firsts years.
-releseable countries are smaller
-minor bug fixing
-thx yo Krazy19Karl for giving permission to use some of their nations (from Magrathea) 
-some changes to production ai (ai will build 3x1 divisions now for tanks and mechanic)

-New generator for assigning provinces! You can use the classic one if you prefer.
-New option for the new generator. Colonies infra malus
-New option for the new generator. Set colonies to have double resources but half IC,Manpower and Leadership.
-New system for claims and forts borders for the new generator. You can set these options in "Map Generator" Tab.
-All SR are used now
-Some coastal provinces removed. Some others added
-Oil war should work as intended now

-Land,Naval and Tank AI will not research and build paratroopers
-Air AI will research airborne warfare
-Countries with more than 60 leadership in research will research all techs, except theory. (Now, very huge countries with Air or Naval Focus will research and build armours)
-About this, IgnoreTechs for High leadership is added.
-More buffer to research industrial resources techs
-Build more forts in borders are checked by default. Its not perfect, but IS FUN! 
-Label explaining what is nump.txt and how to use it. (if you create a text file with this name, you can set the number of provinces the map has (only write a number and nothing more inside). Whit this, you can use some map mod with more or less provinces)
-Commented some luaDebug. Woops
-if a country is preparing a war don't start to prepare another war
-ai will not offer military access if they are going to cancel it.
-relations to declare independence of any country are higher now
-neutrality to join a private alliance now is 40 (was 35) Minor countries now have more chances to make some useful alliances
-right_wing_autocrat_ruler localization added
-Fixed Cb_civilWar again. If you have this cb, you can declare war to anyone who has this cb, but you should only used this cb against your "own country"
-seaplane unit added. Want feedback
-Malta is no longer a key victory point. 
-Honolulu is now a default key victory point (instead of Malta)
-new option. VP key points will be important provinces.
-AI will change head of state and head of government, and if they have low ic (<25),they will select two years draft as maximum, so they can make more inf and militia in less time
-3 new provinces added
-prod ai going braindead because some unknown problem with underground (ai will not build underground until is fixed)*don't know if there is a problem in vanilla too, i have a modified version (starting in sf) of the prod minister. If i find the bug, ill check vanilla too
-prod ai will always make 3-1 infantry. If they have low ic they build militias so..

-Compatibility for 3.05
-Heavily improved Tech and Production AI for a random Game like RandomHoi. Countries will stick at their starting focus. You can change the templates for the AI in the folder /luaTemplates/ (don't touch autoexec.lua)
-Low ic countries will build hordes of militias and research land doctrines of militia.
-More tuning to declaring war system
-Countries losing resources can research now Techs of resources
-Countries with low ic will no longer build coastal forts or other building with high and long cost. They will stick in infra, AA and underground if possible.
-Other Luas Improvements and added work of Lothos latest LUA too.
-New option (Factions) You can set a neutrality bonus for democratic Countries
-New option (Tech) You can set if you want to have all countries with capital in the pacific to be a Naval country orrandom as always. This works too for Caribbean countries and some island in Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.
-New option (Buildings) You can try to set more forts in borders at start
-Removed options for historical techs. You can, of course, mod the tech files of random hoi.
-IC techs and agriculture tech are now a bonus for countries with low IC at start
-Ingen tech for IC and Infra are now researched at start
-Some bugs fixed in events
-CB_CivilWar fixed
-Added SAS event for government change after an election
-Little changes in region.txt.
-Puppets will declare war, if allowed, to their master enemies if they are not at war.
-Added Faroe Islands.
-Some more changes that i don't remember

-Some values of 3.04 patch added
-World Domination CB for Axis. Use this against an Ally and prepare yourself!
-Revoke claims decision. Ai will use this if they have cores in a neighbour who is in a faction. (Survive tactic)
-rebalanced declare war system
-now countries will cancel preparations for a new declaration of war if they are in a war already! (this does not work if they declare war to many countries at the same time)
-balanced trigered modifiers
-Lots of localizations added
-Minor BugFixing
-Washintong DC and GeorgeTown arent coastal provinces
-Parties Organization. You can select if you want the parties organization to be random (more coups), balanced or as always (ruling party boost). (this doesn't work very well, HOI III will change this values at start if the sum is too high)
-Oil generation nerfed
-Exterior laws changes neutrality faster
-Comintern can declare limited wars too. With this we can avoid some problems when you are at war with one country, joins comintern but you can not call your new allies in to the war. With this, we have the "call to arms" option.
-released countries will not fire the non_aggr decision (this is only for scen setup)
-nocasusbelli added in cb_types for pripority.
-Updated foreign minister AI with more Lothos's lua work. Now AI can cancel debts, offer military access, cancel military access and tweaked a bit the influence code.
-Civil wars CB works now. You will gain their cores and army when you win this war:
Countries with this CB:
CHC against warlords (and viceversa)
CHI against warlods (and viceversa)
1.8 First FTM version
-FTM update

1.72 Last SF version


-Leader traits added from HPP
-Some new trigered_modifiers form HPP added
-PoliticialEvents from HPP!
-some nice ideas for stactics_modifiers from hpp.
Also, in this fix.
-cleaned some errors (axis, not axies)
-added province 10684.(nobody cares about this island? geez)
-techbonus for small countries is now moddable in .txt
-first try for change_capital event if your capital is on an island.
-starting models (for tech focus) will be the same for every country.
-updated lua lothos work.
- test bug fix for def and thoughness begin useles. See more info in this topic of Bug report forums (vanilla)
-changed coup events. Now its easier (but not common) to coup.
-Boost bonus for very small countries, if you make them larger. With this, you have a chance to catch up a little in research.
-Added an option for Starting naval and air units. (IC of the country) Minimun is 3.
-If a country has low IC start, they will start with better militia techs.
-Patch for 2.04e
-Autoexec.lua fixed, now will use always randomhoi's AI 
-SPY_THREAT_INCREASE_ACTION is now 0.0250, was 0.0125, vanilla 0.01
-NO_MISSION_SPY_DETECTION_MULTIPLIER is now 0.05, was 0.01, vanilla 0.01
-SUPPLY_TAX is now 0.08, was 0.1, vanilla 0.1
-NAVAL_STACK_POS_PENALTY_HULL_MULTis now 0.03, was 0.04, vanilla 0.04
-ALLIANCE_RELATION_CHANGE now 50, was 15, vanilla 15
-SHARE_TECH_INFLUENCE_COST now 0.5, was 1, vanilla 1
-SHARE_TECH_LEADERSHIP_COST now 0.5, was 1, vanilla 1

-Patch for 2.03c
1.52 hotfix
-updated lothos lua script. Now ai will build more land units (more!)
-some triggered modifiers updated
-minister files and events fixed (was causings crashes)
-little region.txt tweak
-some changes to defines.lua to fit better in a random hoi game (diplomacy options,nap durations,influence weights..)
-now war until 1938 fixed. And also AI will not break nap.
-fixed bug when sometime in the timeline of the game ai will fail to declare war.
-timeline expanded to 1964
1.51 hotfix
-updated lothos lua script. Now ai will build more land units
-one triggered_modifier removed
-penalty for bigs ships its now or 16 hull(original was 12). This is way better for random hoi.
-countries will ally with 35 or lees of neutrality (was 25).

-ai will declare war again
new modifiers for war:
-size of the country
-neighbours(but i thinks is not working =( )
-ai will only ally with countries with high relation (75)
-raise the min neutrality to join factions (35)
-Some little tweaks to region.txt
-fixed bug:faction leaders now are majors again
-ai enacting laws withoutpresiquites
-some new strategic effects
-only non-faction members will create minors alliances
-battlevents bonus/malus now is longer (from 25 to 60)

-SF compatibility
-Victory conditions reworked
-some new trigger_modifiers by vinc3nt23
-battle events for all countries in war

-ai its building to many ports! (it will build a lot of ports but not all at once)
-some provinces with ports in lakes or inland (#1258, #861, #533 )
-Steam version with new nations mod countries
-always 10 infra on capital
-option to +1 on infra for coastal with port
-tab for selecting brigades units at start (so if you don't want brigades at start, you can untick them)
-tab to select the starting date war (will add no aggression pact with everyone to everyone).
-starting practical will be more likely like your tech focus, or random, or ..
-new events to fit the starting date war. For example, if you select 1937 it should raise an event who revoke al non_agression pact. Also, if you revoke one non_agression pact before the date you set, it will increase the dissdent about 50 or 75.
-Fixed some bugs (coastal forts for example)
-Now infantery has a higher chance for starting units
-Production ai quickFix adeed (see tech support)(ai will not build reserve (air//naval units)
-AI will try to build tanks (light and medium) if all their teathre requests are met and have IC to do so.
-AI will try to build battleships if all their teathre requests are met and have IC to do so.
-some country specifics production removed.
-AI will try to build some ports if they have less than 5. 
-little tweaks to ai dow.
-total stats in stats tab

EDIT: I don't remember all, but.. changelog:
-New tab options "buildings"
-Now you can choose who will be the leader of a faction (The country with more ic, more leaderships.. etc.)
-You can set the number of claim provinces
-You can not set longer the min skill of leaders.
-Random focus also affect to the model of your starting units. Now in 1.4 the game doesn't add random techs at start, maybe needs balance.
-Leaders factions can have bonuses at start (more infra, starting nuclear reactor, less neutrality, more NU.. all optional of course)
-There is a little text preview of the countries when the game generate.
-Ic province based to starting Land units now cost 2.5 IC for brigade. (Was 3 brigades for every important province)
-Air and NAval units now start in the map and not in the queue screen.
-Lots of minor tweaks i don't remember
-Now VP is bases on ic,manpower and leader of the province.
-Now focus techs have their own .txt so you can add or remove techs for the generator
-Now all ministers have their own .txt so you can add or remove traits
Of course 1.4 compatible. New code so it will be easy to do more options!

from 0.9 to 1.0
-bug fixing
-more AI building templates
-little tweak to region.txt
-resource options
-country options (officers ratio, neutrality, national unity)
-some more stuff that i don't remember
-max of leaders and ministers has benn descreased.

from 0.85 to 0.9
-Inclusion of a modified AIIP version**
-There will be less(or nothing) oil in VP provinces
-There will be less oil in other provinces
-Official ratio at the start will be 125%
-More region.txt tweak (Persian provinces)
-Now you can decide what to do with the starting naval ships of landlocked countries. (keep the naval, change naval for air power, or change naval for infantery div)
-Fixed the custom starting land units bug. Sometimes it was giving more troops than the max units.
-Fixed the bug of inland-provinces with harbour. This was causing some CTD
-research focus balanced. Air power and Naval power focus has some new techs or better leves of. For minor balance Infantery power and Armour power has some little changes too.
-Stalinist and nazis parties will start VERY sightly a bit far from the leaders of the faction.
-Now if there at least 3 countries, and you select all facions, the scenario will have always the 3 factions.

Great News! reisender let me use the AIIP modified* version i did for this mod, so it will be included in next version.
(code revision 306)
-Trades will be more useful
-AutoSliders will be more useful
-Countries will do a better production (units and buildings) (and its easy moddable, thx Darkzodiak for your great work!)
-Countries will do a better research (and its easy moddable, thx Darkzodiak for your great work!)
-Better alliance code
-Other improvements

*The influence code will be vanilla
*War code will be the same like 0.85
*Countries specific AI its deleted.

IF you want to use AIIP for your original hoi, never use THIS version, use the ORIGINAL  (relogin if asked) instead!
Thx to all team of AIIP for their great work. 
from 0.8 to 0.85
bug fixing
ai script
now the AI will declare war if
-its at least 1937
-enemy has an antagonist ideology or enemy has some of our core provinces or is not a friend
-not at war
-he thinks (intel) that he has(more o less) a more powerful army than enemy 
-can declare war (neutrality and stuff) 
-more likely if AI have high threat
-more likely if AI´s enemy has high threat too
Change log from 0.72 to 0.8
-Starting units
-starting officials
-Tweaked more the Region.txt
-Tweaked capital location
-Tweaked skill leaders
-fixed some bugs
-all nations will be in the game, but if they arent at the start, they will releseable as puppets
-First version of our own AI for random hoi
--AI will make alliances
--AI will (theoretically) declare wars at some point
-drift speed changed to 0.25 from 0.50
-influence changed to 10 from 20
-commintern now have a threat of 15

Change Log from 0.5 to 0.72
More customization for leaders and infra.
Random ministers.
Starting techs.
Random naval bases.
All leaders and minister has his own random pics
More new nations mod countries (total 162)
Number of factions ingame
fixed bugs:
Country order will no be the same anymore.
All capital cities will have a victory point. 
More airbases in non victory points provinces 
Sightly less airbases in victory point provinces.
Naval bases in victory points can be level 10.
Leadeship in not victory points provinces is sightly high.
manpower in not victory points provinces is sightly high.
Spain provicnes order and Canadian/Greenland order. (a bit)
Events for war removed. I ll work in other solutions.