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The Philippines are a group of islands north of Indonesia, they are a micro power and they have very little potential to expand as they are also a puppet of the USA USA. The best you can do with this kind of nation is to build up an industry do you can defend your island kingdom from the ruthlessness of Japan Japan.


Distribution of Leadership



Being a puppet, you have no say in any kind of Diplomacy. You will most likely join the Allies as that is what the USA is likely to do.


There are no Decisions open to the Philippines.




Political Parties




Industrial Production

The best to do is raise the Industry production so you can produce Supplies and have enough IC if wanna build your own units (if decide to use all the Leadership points researching Inf,Mil,Artillery) so you can sell mayor Supplies, Energy, Rare Materials and Metal (avaidable Materials in the country) to others.


The player have 2 options speaking of Military: 1)Spend Money buying units from USA or any other Ally 2)Produce its own Forces (if what player need already researched it)


The Armed Forces consist only on: 3 Garrison Brigades on the Capital (Manila)


Air Force

The Philippines have no Air Force or Air Force techs. Bringing it up to a level that can challenge the Japanese will require more effort than the Philippines can afford to spare.


War with Japan

Starting in 1936 is the best option to already have some good forces to face Japan, or at least to Resist against them. Build/Buy Transports to use them around your Island Country (2-3 Transports at least and 1 Destroyer or else to protect them). Once that is ready, the best thing one should do is to Place Garrison Troops (3Gar/1AT or 3Gar/1AT/1Artillery) on each Port to defend it against Japan.

By the time the War Breaks, you should already have some Good Forces to Hold your ports and meaby to strike back (depends on how the player play the cards)

That's my Advice honestly... i don't know how each one will play it.

Gaming the System

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