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Political cartoon depicting the New Deal.

In Hearts of Iron 3 the New Deal decision applies a negative manpower modiferier,and raise consumer good demand to the United States.


The New Deal was the name that United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to his complex package of economic programs 1933-36 with the goals of what historians call the 3 Rs, of giving Relief to the unemployed and badly hurt farmers, Reform of business and financial practices, and promoting Recovery of the economy during the Great Depression.


While labeled a decision, America does not have a choice as it starts with the deal in the 1936 scenario. This decision add a negative 40% manpower modifier,and increase peace consumer good demand by 25%.

To remove this you'll need the Gearing Up For War decision, which you can not do until Germany and the United Kingdom are at war, with each other, or the USA isa at war.