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Manchukuo is a regional power situated in Eastern Asia.

It's a Puppet of Japan and is surrounded by: USSR, Japanese Empire (Korea Region), Shanxi Clique and Mongolia.

The Military force of Manchukuo consist on: Infantry and Militia. It's a good country to play if wanna be a Puppet of course.

This country should focus on Infantry, Militia and AT's, AA's and Artillery more than nothing, after all Japan will take the rest with armored forces. Manchukuo honestly can't have any Land around Asia, because when the War Start on China, Japan will conquer Shanxi and other parts, even if Manchukuo send Troops the lands will show the Controller as Japan.

This country can be a good helper on the war being a puppet.

The bad thing, is the fact that in version 3.05, each Puppet will give 90% or 95% of its resources to its overlord, so will be very difficult to have a strong country knowing this. \

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