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Luxembourg is the weakest nation in the game. This micro power has one province and is stuck between two factions and one massive war. If you decide to take up the challenge of Luxembourg, be aware this will be a very hard game and only experienced players should attempt this. Historically, Luxembourg did not last long and was invaded by Germany. Perhaps you can change things and create a strong empire for yourself.



Distribution of Leadership



Only one alliance is a reasonable option for   Luxemburg, Commitern and the Allies will both get you steamrolled over by   Germany.

Fascist The only way   Luxemburg is to craft an empire from itself would be to join   Germany in the Fascist Alliance. You should start aligning to their alliance on day one and hope you join before the war.   Germany is much more powerful then   France and is therefore a better alliance to join.

You might get influenced by the allies as the years continue, but don't worry, you should cancel all trade links with them and only trade with   Germany or   Belgium (provided they're not in the Allies).

Alone Another Idea, is to go it alone and take the Benelux countries when World War II starts. The Allies will be too bothered about   Germany to care and, if you're friendly with   Germany, they should leave you alone.


There are no decisions open to Luxembourg.




Political Parties




Industrial Production



  Luxemburg begins the game with only one division: your Theater Headquarters. Since   Luxemburg lacks sufficient leadership to produce an equipped home-grown army, your best bet is to buy production licenses. Given that you should begin the game by aligning to the Axis (  Germany), you will spend a lot of time early in the game moving toward the Axis and away from the Allies. Thus, during mid-1936, you will be unlikely able to buy production licenses from any of the Major Powers. Therefore, buy 8 brigades of infantry from the   United Kingdom as soon as you can for as cheap as you can. Additionally, if you can, buy 4 brigades of Artillery and 4 brigades of Anti-Tank (AT) from the   United Kingdom as well. If you cannot afford all of that, get the AT from the   United Kingdom and hold off on the Artillery until you get closer to   Germany. Then, buy your Artillery from either   Nationalist China or   Poland, depending on who is cheaper.

When constructing your divisions, each division should be 2 infantry brigades, 1 artillery, and 1 AT. The production order listed above is sufficient to produce 1 Corps of 4 Divisions. Once this production order is complete (and likely before) you'll have worked yourself into the Axis. Once there, get your production licences from   Germany and repeat this production buy (8 infantry, 4 artillery, 4 AT) and produce a 2nd Corps. This second Corps will unlikely be completed before   Germany invades the   Netherlands. Therefore, once you begin the attack on   Belgium (YOU have to declare war with a war goal to acquire   Belgium), use your 1st Corps to take out Arlon, and use your still-in-production 2nd Corps to hold   Luxemburg.

This process will drain your manpower, although you'll be teetering at 0 with almost enough troops. Once you capture   Belgium and then set war goals in   France to acquire Northern France and Western France, you'll quickly gain enough manpower to begin building more divisions of infantry (from German Production Licenses) for more conquering.


Luxembourg starts landlocked, and therefore has no Navy.

Air Force

Luxembourg has no Air Force and Air Force development should be avoided. It requires massive investments to compete with the Luftwaffe and that is impossible for Luxembourg.


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