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India can only be played through releasing the nation as a puppet from Britain and then editing the save game to make it a completely free nation.



India can become a very strong Allied nation in Asia and fight off the Imperial Empire before they get through China. Alternatively, India could join the Axis and China could be split between India and Japan. Its not recommended to join Commitern, as the Soviet Union might steal a lot of land from you if you declare war on Japan.


India is unlikely to be the target for many spies, so the intelligence system should be ignored unless a skillful player is able to utilize it.


The war with Japan will ultimately be the only highlight in an India game, unless you decided to work with Japan. It will be long and hard and infantry should make up the backbone of both armies.

You may want to consider an attempt to invade the Japanese islands and try to knock them quickly out of the war like that. It shouldn't be too hard and usually a few corps can manage it rather well.

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