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Egypt is not a playable nation from any of the bookmarks, however, if one releases the nation from United Kingdom, one can load up as them either as a puppet of United Kingdom or a free nation (provided they changed them in the file).

Egypt has the potential to be a powerful country in the middle east, it can conquer Saudi Arabia and Persia with relative ease, as well as the countries in the fertile crescent if one has released them as well.


To forge an effective empire, Egypt must not join the Allies as they only border them. The Axis may be a viable strategy but if Egypt conquers Persia a border with Soviet Union may not be wanted. A Commitern Egypt may be a reasonable idea with no obvious downfall.

However, an independent Egypt is almost certainly the best idea. Being stronger then most of its neighbours, Egypt has no need for help unless they try to take down the United Kingdom which definitely won't be until later in the game.

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