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This page lists cheat codes built into the game. It is also possible to create custom events that provide cheats. There are several different ways to activate the console (any of them work just the same):

  • "~"
  • "Shift + 3"
  • "ALT + 21" on the numeric keypad.
  • "ALT Gr + 0" on the numeric keypad.

Cheats for the player

These seem to be case sensitive [no Capital Letters]:

  • supplies - Gives 1000 Supplies
  • money - Gives 1000 cash
  • crudeoil - Gives 1000 Oil (its easier to just get fuel).
  • fuel - Gives 1000 Fuel
  • rarematerials - Gives 1000 Rare materials
  • metal - Gives 1000 Metal
  • energy - Gives 1000 Energy
  • nukes - Gives 1 Nuke
  • addofficers - Gives 100 officers
  • NOTE! The syntax for the above commands changed in Their Finest Hour 4.02. The syntax now requires a space after the command and the amount of resources you want.
  • noneutrality - Sets player nation to 0 neutrality.
  • debug fow - Remove/add fog of war
  • event + #event code# - Activates event
  • debug spy - Superior espionage turned on/off
  • debug yesmen - AI now always responds favorably/normally
  • revolt + provid - Adds revolt to specified province, repeat to add more rebels.
  • changecontroller + TAG + provid - changes a province's controller
  • changeowner + TAG + provid - changes a province's owner
  • tag + TAG - switch nations to the country specified by TAG.
  • tdbg - Show province IDs on the map when you mouse over a province. (Note: only for For The Motherland 3.06 and Their Finest Hour.)
  • setnationalunity + TAG + ## - changes national unity of target to specified value. Handy for making a nation surrender (or fight on)

Bonuses to all nations (player and AI)

These cheats need one day of game time to take effect:

  • instantresearch - Instant research *this is a toggle, on and off, end of the day all research you have allocated leadership to with be finished.
  • instantproduction - 1 day unit production + buildings
  • instantconstruction - 1 day unit production + buildings


  • morehumans - No effect. In some cases, it sets the required Consumer Goods investment of industrial capacity to 0, and a daily dissent change of -0.11 (decreases dissent).

Unofficial cheat scripts

A set of unofficial, unsupported python scripts compatible with HOI3:TFH that is useful for more advanced/targeted cheats is located at https://github.com/CalamariAce/hoiiiicheats