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[[File:Map of Bulgaria during WWII.png|thumb|600px|left|Bulgarian Claims during World War Two.]]
[[File:Map of Bulgaria during WWII.png|thumb|600px|left|Bulgarian Claims during World War Two.]]

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Bulgarian Claims during World War Two.

In Hearts of Iron 3 the Bulgarian Claims decision & event gives historically contested areas back to Bulgaria.


In 1912 and 1913, Bulgaria became involved in the Balkan Wars, first entering into conflict alongside Greece, Serbia and Montenegro against the Ottoman Empire. The First Balkan War (1912–1913) proved a success for the Bulgarian army, but a conflict over the division of Macedonia arose between the victorious allies. The Second Balkan War (1913) pitted Bulgaria against Greece and Serbia, joined by Romania and Turkey. After its defeat in the Second Balkan War Bulgaria lost considerable territory conquered in the first war, as well as Southern Dobrudzha and parts of the region of Macedonia.

During World War I, Bulgaria found itself fighting again on the losing side as a result of its alliance with the Central Powers. Defeat in 1918 led to new territorial losses (the Western Outlands to Serbia, Western Thrace to Greece and the re-conquered Southern Dobrudzha to Romania).

After regaining control of Southern Dobrudzha in 1940, Bulgaria became allied with the Axis Powers, although it declined to participate in Operation Barbarossa (1941) and never declared war on the USSR. During World War II Nazi Germany allowed Bulgaria to occupy parts of Greece and of Yugoslavia, although control over their population and territories remained in German hands.


If Romania accepts the event it will give Cavarna, Dulovo, and Bazargic to Bulgaria. If it declines then Bulgaria has the option to start a Third Balkan War or accept the Romanian response. This event has nothing to with historical Bulgarian occupation of Western Thrace and Macedonia.

In order for the event to fire Romania and Hungary must both exist, Bulgaria is not in the Allies, the year is September 1940, Romania is not in the Axis or in an alliance with Germany, and neither Bulgaria or Romania are subjects or in an alliance with each other.

The Bulgarian A.I. will propose the demands 100% of the time. A Romanian A.I. will accept it 100% of the time. The demands will increase Romanian dissent by five if the are met, and it will reduce dissent by ten if it is rejected. If a human Romania rejects the demands the Bulgarian A.I. will declare war 75% of the time. The declaration of war reduces Bulgarian dissent by 10, not doing so increases it by 5.