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Yugoslavia is a Balkan regional power precariously placed in the vicinity of multiple aggressive neighbours, including Germany Germany and Italy Italy. Yugoslavia is a troubled country, though it was created out of a common desire by Yugoslavs to be free from foreign domination, the Yugoslav peoples are precariously divided into multiple nationalities, religions, as well as minority nationalities who do not want to be part of Yugoslavia. These divisions have resulted in severe political deadlock and at times violence between the nationalities. Yugoslavia must navigate the international political path carefully.


Yugoslavia starts out in 1936 badly behind many areas and has limited leadership to spare, with only 3.90 at the start of the 1936 campaign. It is important therefore to plan in advance and achieve the bare essentials in research.

Industry is very backward. Industrial Production and Industrial Efficiency technologies are badly behind and should be researched to update them immediately. Education will help your research efficiency, and later on a bit of time spent researching agriculture will improve your manpower capabilities.

Armour technology needs to be updated soon if Yugoslavia wishes to have any modern artillery for war. For early conquests a few light armour divisions will suffice, backed up with infantry and some engineer brigades.

Land doctrines need updating, starting with Infantry Warfare + Mass Assault for your infantry, and Blitzkrieg to give your light armour a boost. An alternative choice would be to research special forces to build substantial numbers of capable mountain infantry forces to cover the large mountainous territories of Yugoslavia. With substantial mountain infantry forces, Yugoslavia can make a good stand against invaders. The use of mountain infantry to dominate the mountainous regions was the historical case that the communist Yugoslav Partisans successfully used against the Germans and Cetniks of Yugoslavia throughout the war, making Yugoslavia one of the hardest countries for the Axis powers to control.

The Capital ships technology is badly behind at 1918 levels, so do not expect that Yugoslavia can be a naval power anytime soon, a minor force of destroyers will be all that you can muster before 1940. Naval doctrines however are up to date.

The aircraft technology of fighters and bombers is up to date at 1930s levels. However the Air doctrines are severely behind in comparison and need updating if Yugoslavia is to have a decent air force. In actual history, Yugoslavia managed to develop a fairly decent air force even with domestic aircraft manufacturers, quite a feat for a non-major power. A good and significant air force would be a valuable asset.

In the Theory section of technology, Yugoslavia's Supply Transportation, Supply Organization, and Civil Defence research are relatively recent with research being ready to start at a 1936 level.

Distribution of leadership

At least 80-90% of your leadership should be spend in research during the early game - there's no need for Diplomacy and therefore the remainder will be used to supplement your officer corps, and to create spies which will be useful for increasing the threat level of nations around you and for counter-intelligence.



Based on the history of Yugoslavia's actual diplomatic relations in the period, Yugoslavia faces two options to address the concerns of its multiple aggressive neighbours around it.

The first option is to join the Allies to hope to gain protection from attack by the Axis powers. One important major power that Yugoslavia should ally with is France France. This is both a historical approach actually taken by Yugoslavia and a wise strategic approach. Strategically, France is beneficial to Yugoslavia because it is a major power and because it borders Yugoslavia's principal rival and danger, Italy - a country that has territorial aims on Yugoslavia. Of course if or when World War II comes around and Germany is likely to pull off a successful invasion of France, this is not a wise strategy to continue to pursue. This danger brings up a second option.

The second option is to join the Axis, particularly with Germany's support to offset an attack by Italy, as Italy has territorial aims on Yugoslavia. Though this may seem gamey, Yugoslavia under Regent Paul did historically pursue closer relations with Germany and held a brief alliance with the Axis from 1940 until 1941 when its huge unpopularity forced the alliance to be abandoned. This strategy of alliance with Germany can save the country from later invasion.

A third option is a peoples alliance with the Soviet Union Soviet Union. The option is not is absurd as it might see. Russia and Serbia had long historic ties and Communism was alive and well within 1930'S Yugoslavia, hence Tito. If you start in 1936 you can align yourself toward the Comintern by 1940. The Soviet Union should offer you membership before the German invasion. This action will make for a very interesting game particularly if you have conquered Romania Romania. Once you ally the Soviet Union will move all its forces out of the Ukraine and into Central Russia, when Germany invades the AI tends to get caught up on the large Soviet troop formations. Unfortunately, you little Army cant stand up against the German/Italian invasion for long. So you have to rely of Soviet or Allied support to survive.

While not shown in the game, Yugoslavia historically held a defensive alliance called the "Small Entente" with Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia and Romania. This would be a good alliance to replicate as each of the countries hold similar concerns about aggression by their neighbours. Yugoslavia fears expansionism by Bulgaria Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, and Hungary Hungary; Czechoslovakia fears expansionism by Germany and Hungary; Romania fears expansionism by Bulgaria and Hungary; and France fears expansionism by Germany and Italy. Thus the alliance of Yugoslavia with Czechoslovakia and Romania is to Yugoslavia's benefit because each country challenges the threats to Yugoslavia and preserves the status quo territory in Europe which is generally to Yugoslavia's favour. However, if Germany's expansionism goes unrestrained towards Czechoslovakia or that Romania prefers the Axis, Yugoslavia should follow the Axis route of alliance.

A minor alliance option that has historical merit is an alliance with Greece Greece. Historically Greece and the Yugoslavia and Yugoslavia's predecessor, Serbia, were known to have close relations, including military cooperation in World War I. This alliance is useful if Yugoslavia wants to territorially expand by occupying part or all of Albania Albania as well as defending both countries against Italian expansionism. Combining an alliance with Greece with France and the Small Entente allies of Czechoslovakia and Romania would create a well-organized integrated alliance to challenge aggression by Yugoslavia's neighbours.


List all decisions, all decision options, and all results.


Describes laws and political parties.


What are some of the best ministers? When do they become available?


With limited options available, the one option that is favourable for those who want to strengthen the power of the state is to change Yugoslavia's press laws from Censored Press to State Press. By adopting State Press, Counterespionage and National Unity improve at the expense of the Tendency to drift to due internal factors.

Education Investment laws start in 1936 at Average Education Investment.If one wants to save the small amount of money that Yugoslavia starts with, Education Investment can be cut to Minimal Education Investment, but this will reduce leadership. If one wants to improve leadership levels, then Medium-Large Education Investment or Big Education Investment are the best choices.

Also Training Laws can be changed that are set at Basic Training in 1936. Selecting Advanced Training of Specialist Training will significantly increase units' starting experience.

Political Parties


If wanting to take an expansive approach, send spies to Romania, Bulgaria, whichever country to take and increase threat. The best idea is to start with Bulgaria because they barely have any resistance.



With Yugoslavia's primary surplus resource being metal, it is what should guide trade. At the outset of January 1936, there are very few trading partners that want metal, except for Italy and Japan Japan. Italy is a rival of Yugoslavia with territorial aims on it, but it does want significant amount of metal. Japan being severely deprived of many resources begins in 1936 with a deficit of metal, so this is another option. Yugoslavia will need to get Crude Oil, Supplies and Energy from other sources. Improvements in Industrial Efficiency will help out with managing the country's limited resources.

If you overproduce supplies the United States will tend to offer you large supplies for money deals. With this cash you can trade the major powers for Rare Materials, Oil and Energy. In times of peace grab as much energy as you can as you are adly lacking in it.

Industrial Production

Yugoslavia starts with a base Industrial Capacity (IC) of 31, which is not much but legitimates the country as a regional power. As with all countries which have low IC, it is not advised to build up the industry but it is possible. Try to balance Army-Laws (Voluntary Army for faster recruitment for example) with your production to receive maximum output. If you go for an industry build-up use infrastructure and ports for a basis increase in Industry practical.



Yugoslavia has a very good chance in the beginning of the game to conquer Bulgaria by immediately researching light armor. With this in mind, using light armor is very effective against Bulgaria, Romania and the other border countries because they seem to lack the motivation to research them until later in the game. The only country that has light armor until 1939 is Romania. Making mixed divisions of infantry and armor is a very good idea to combat the countries. If you were to join the Axis, make sure that before you attack Romania, you make sure that Germany has well pushed back the Soviets because the Yugoslavian infantry is inferior to the Soviet troops. The most important thing to do is create more and more troops to stack them up on the borders of the border countries. Attacking as one unit at once is the best idea though when attacking Romania make sure to flank them wherever you win because Romania has some armor but not enough to cover the border.


Yugoslavia has small chance of building a meaningful Navy until late in the game. If you get involved with the majors, either Italy or the United Kingdom United Kingdom will smoke any navy you build faster than you can say nautical. Even you remain neutral, which is highly advisable, build a small navy of transports, destroyers and 2 carriers. This will allow you to outflank regional rivals like Turkey Turkey and eventually invade 24px Spain and Vichy France Vichy France.

Air Force

Having a decent to good air force is really important if you don't want to have your troops bombed/strafed, your cities bombed, or really just have the annoying feeling that you are not as powerful as a smaller power (cough, cough, Hungary, cough). Generally, if you can only make 1 type of aircraft, make interceptors, as they are fairly good if you use them properly and have a decent amount of research done for air units, training, etc. IK-3's seem pretty good vs Bf.109's, but Yugoslavia needs other aircraft as well. First off, try buying Zero's from Japan, because if you go down the allies route, Japan is not likely to invade Yugoslavia. UK is good too, for their Spitfires and Hurricanes, but America is very good for all types of aircraft, so try raising relations with U.S.A so you can get really good deals and LOTS of aircraft made with pure freedom and democracy. If you like to go Axis, do the same thing, raise relations with Germany and get their air units. Just don't expect the freedom or the democracy to go easy on you when you eventually have to fight the Allies. Russia is a great country to buy from regardless of your side, as they already have tons of resources and money, so buying some Yak's or IL's isn't really going to make any sort of difference to the war.

Just remember, NEVER make deals with the Italians, you NEVER want to help the Italians in any way. It's best to just eliminate them altogether, as they pretty much want to kill you. Show them NO MERCY.


War with Albania

The most inviting target for war, and most historically-based possibility for war involving Yugoslavia is Albania. In history these two countries were highly antagonistic towards each other, with nationalists in Yugoslavia wanting to annex Albania, and with Albania wanting to take parts of Yugoslavia. Furthermore, Albania is a very small country that could be occupied quickly and give Yugoslavia the prize of more control along the Mediterranean coastline.

War with Bulgaria

Bulgarians are a Yugoslav nation, but their government seeks independence from Yugoslavia to preserve its autonomy. Yugoslavia is incomplete without having Bulgaria within its realm. Conquering Bulgaria would complete Yugoslav unity, give Yugoslavia hegemony in the Balkans, and give the country have huge tracts of territory. As the Bulgarian government is a rival with claims on Yugoslavia, it would be a smart move to knock that state out of the Balkans.

War with Greece

Although a more gamey option, in history there were proponents in Yugoslavia for having war with Greece, particularly to take Greece's northern territories to join to Yugoslavia, as Macedonian Slavs lived there and had territorial ambitions on Greece.[1] Furthermore, Yugoslavia's largest nationality, the Serbs, in history under the Serbian Empire of Stefan Dušan held large parts of northern Greece.[2] If the player decides to invade Greece, he should do it quickly as Greece may join the Axis and trigger Germany and possibly Italy into invading the Balkans

War with Turkey

Another gamey option is to invade Turkey, This cannot be done however unless Yugoslavia gains territory from Greece or Bulgaria, or they can try to transit rights. Historically the Balkan nations were oppressed by the Ottoman Turks for many years, Turkey's military is small, weak and often concentrates primarily on its border with the Soviet Union. If done quickly, Yugoslavia can take over a lot of territory before the Turkish military has time to respond. However moving farther into the Middle east into Iraq or French controlled Syria is not recommended as it is for the most part a waste of time and can be a nightmare for supplies.

War with Romania

Romania will eventually join the Axis, but Yugoslavia can conquer it in the same manner suggested with Turkey, as Romania sends most of its forces to the USSR Border, however the Romanian army is better trained and in larger numbers. Still most Romanian VP's are close to your border so the war will end quick.

War with Hungary

If Yugoslavia manages to Annex Romania and Bulgaria, Hungary is probably the last Country in Europe that Yugoslavia can engage without triggering retaliation from one of the major powers. However it must be done quickly as Hungary will most likely join the Axis by 1940 or earlier, Hungary also makes the mistake of stationing it's military in the north, however they will reinforce their southern border if you start annexing the other Southern European states

War with Vichy France

After the fall of France, Vichy France will appear. If you remain neutral this will be you next target after conquering the Balkans. You can declare war without fear of getting involved with the major powers. From Turkey you will easily be able to take Syria and Lebanon. To attack Africa, you will have to build a small fleet of transports and capital ships. About 10 months of prep is needed, but you will need a fleet to conquer Spain and Portugal Portugal anyway. Take Tunis then shuttle your army to Africa. Have a few speedy units to roll over the large undefended territory of Vichy, conquer VP's and annex.

War with Spain and Portugal

Totally a historic. You will likely reach this stage only if you are neutral and depending on how the AI has sorted out diplomacy over the game. Portugal and Spain tend to join or be protected by the Axis so if its a member the plan is off. But if they have remained neutral game on. Use your fleet and African bases to conquer Portugal first, you will need to capture its African possessions to annex. Then invade Spain, again you will have to take Angola and other African possessions before you can annex.

War with Persia Persia and Afghanistan Afghanistan (Optional)

These are the final neutral nations you can attack. You will have to do it before the Allies occupy Persia though. The wars here are easy and can be won with a few armored regiments at 4 mountain divisions. You gain little from these conquests but will allow you to attack India and Iraq Iraq if your going Axis. 4 Cavalry Division will be needed to keep the Muhammaden rebels down.

War with the Majors

Eventually you will have to declare war on one of the major factions. Otherwise you will just sit out the rest of the game building rocket test sites on Crete. Anyway youhave 3 options, join the Allies, decleare war on the Allies but don't join the Axis, or join the glorious defense forces of the Soviet Union in the great war against the Western invader! The best bet for this is to choose which faction you want to join early on and align accordingly. When the AI invites you just let it perpetually invite you and join the faction when it suits you the best.

Allied Option

Under no circumstances should you join the Allies until 1943. If you do, you will get rolled over by Germany faster than Garfield eats lasangna. By 1943 the Unites States should be in the war and the Allies will have sunk the Italian fleet. Germany will also likely be caught up deep in Russia. You will have to hold the border with Gremany and Italy for a while before the Allies give you support. However, they will very quickly base air units in your area so make sure they have ample air bases. The AI Allies always have problems invading Europe. So you joining them can be a real help. Even with the US doing strange things like using its who fleet to patrol the Gulf of Mexico the Allies will quickly sink the Axis fleet. Use your CAG's to help and then interdict Italian convoys to Africa. Air wise the Allies will start basing bombers on your fields and American air groups are a real help against the Germans. The problem with the Allies is on the ground. Once you join the Allies Germany and Italy will quickly invade. The Allies wont have time to rush in reinforcements before the Axis crushes you. You can hold at the Dardanells but this will really hamper your IC. If you play it this way aim to knock Italy out of the War first. Killing Germany will be problematic and will rest on the AI delivering the bacon. The best way to play the Allies is to wait for D-Day. Only join the Allies once they have successfully landed in France. At this point Germany should have large forces deep inside Russia and cant afford a 3 Front war. Stage most of your forces in Vichy France, when the Allies recapture Paris, or are close, join in. In a stroke of a pen you will have totally outflanked the German Army, so dash to the coast at crush OKH West. You will still loose much of the Balkans, but your goal is to kill Germany and not perserve territory. Together with the Allies you can drive into central Germany before sufficient forces are transferred to stop you. However, with control of much of German industry German units will loose supply. After Germany is dead kill Italy and recapture you Balkan lands. This is the best strategy but it does not always work, Yugoslavia is just too far behind to tangle with Germany for long and to win you will need some luck.

Axis Option

You will be mostly surrounded by Axis, except on the Transcaucasus front, assuming you annexed Turkey. Let Germany take total control of the war in the Soviet Union. All you have to do is hold the line at the Caucasus. The Germans will get all territory. You also need to hold the line with Syria. Push south if you want vast oil reserves. It is recommended that the player stops advancing at the Suez Canal, because supplies will become problematic. Defend your ports, and you will be fine.

Gaming the System

Place to describe various gamey tactics.

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