Yemen ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Yahya al Hamid Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Staff: School Of Defence
Head Of Government: Smiling Oilman
Head Of State: Stern Imperialist
Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror
Foreign Minister: General Staffer
Ahmad al Hamid Paternal Autocrat Armament Minister: Corrupt Kleptocrat
Minister Of Intelligence: Dismal Enigma
Chief Of Army: Armoured Spearhead Doctrine
Mansur al Badr Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Navy: Power Projection Doctrine
Chief Of Air: Army Aviation Doctrine
Minister Of Security: Crooked Kleptocrat
R.J. McNeill Cushendun Social Conservative Foreign Minister: Great Compromiser 1939.1.1
Alexandre Loveday Social Conservative Armament Minister: Infantry Proponent 1940.1.1
Henry R. Dobbs Social Conservative Armament Minister: Resource Industrialist 1941.1.1
A.H.C. Rivers Social Conservative Armament Minister: Administrative Genius 1942.1.1
Leonard A. Lyall Social Conservative Minister Of Security: Silent Lawyer 1938.1.1
Cecil Barrington Hurst Social Conservative Minister Of Intelligence: Technical Specialist 1940.1.1
R. Montgomerie-Clives Social Conservative Chief Of Staff: School Of Mass Combat
Chief Of Army: Guns And Butter Doctrine
Abd al Husseini Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Staff: School Of Fire Support
Chief Of Army: Elastic Defence Doctrine
Ted Pointer Social Conservative Chief Of Air: Air Superiority Doctrine
Chief Of Army: Decisive Battle Doctrine
Ian Trelawny Social Conservative Chief Of Navy: Open Seas Doctrine 1940.1.1
Ali Halukeh Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Air: Vertical Envelopment Doctrine 1945.1.1