Xibei San Ma ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Ma Hongkui Paternal Autocrat Head Of Government: Old Air Marshal
Head Of State: Barking Buffoon
Fang Jing Paternal Autocrat Foreign Minister: Great Compromiser 1936.1.1
Zi Shen Paternal Autocrat Armament Minister: Corrupt Kleptocrat 1936.1.1
Li Shiqun Paternal Autocrat Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror 1936.1.1
Ma Hongbin Paternal Autocrat Minister Of Intelligence: Political Specialist 1936.1.1
Ma Buqing Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Staff: School Of Defence
Chief Of Army: Guns And Butter Doctrine
Ma Bufang Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Navy: Indirect Approach Doctrine
Chief Of Air: Army Aviation Doctrine