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This change makes the game run in a window mode:

    * Open the setting.txt file in the main directory("C:\Users\ExampleUserName\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III") and change "fullScreen=yes" to "fullScreen=no".

As per version 1.1c, it has been noticed that game performance is much improved when running the game in windowed mode. Care must be taken when positioning the game window when the game lauches, so that the user can scroll the map via the map edges and see all of the controls on the screen (especially the triangle to allow the user to see the messages log). To do this move the window as far up as possible (by clicking and holding the top of the window bar, and dragging it up). Reduce the windows task bar (usually on the bottom of the screen). With a little experimentation with the window placement, all game features will be accessible.

Note: this has to be done every time you launch the application.