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What the mod does

Pretty simple, you get to play WW1 instead of WW2. You can start in 1910 and fight your way through the Italian-Ottoman war and the Balkan wars, or jump straight into the action in January 1914 in preparation for the main event. The events, leaders, ministers, governments, orders of battle, tech tree, units, graphics, game mechanics and AI have all been rewritten.

Game features include:

  • Units will dig in much more effectively meaning stalemates happen much more frequently to simulate trench warfare.
  • Naval battles are more action packed as Dreadnoughts clash and there are (nearly) no aircraft carriers.
  • Military aviation is in its infancy but quickly becomes more important as the war progresses
  • The mod includes stormtroopers, zeppelins, gas warfare and submarines
  • Special scenarios for the Spring Offensive and Gallipoli campaign

Schlieffen Plan
Naval Battle
Historical Leaders
Custom Tech Tree

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location WW1 Mod
Current version 0.95
Last update October 15, 2014
Compatibility HoI3 Their Finest Hour v4.02 GSKH
Mod team dizzle3, et al.
AAR archives NA


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Yes—new theme tune
AI Yes, production and diplomatic AI are told to behave fairly historically
Technology Yes, WW1 Specific techs e.g. dreadnoughts, gas, airships
Map Vanilla TFH with closest approximation allocation to WW1
Events Yes
New Units Yes, WW1 ships, airships, heavy artillery, stormtroopers etc.
Game Mechanics Yes, longer dig-in, naval game rebalanced for WW1