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Venezuela is a minor power which holds control over substantial oil reserves. The country has the potential to become a significant power in South America if it charts the right course. Perhaps it is time for Venezuela to take up the call of its famous liberator Simón Bolívar, and follow his dream to create an independent and strong South American state spanning into Columbia, Ecuador Ecuador, Peru Peru, and Panama Panama like Bolívar created, that can resist foreign imperialism and restore Venezuela and South America to a place of respect, dignity, and power in the world.



Their Army consist on: 2 Cavalry Division, 3 of Infantry and 3 of Militia.


Air Force



Venezuela has good Resources to Trade for Money.


Venezuela can Start a War with any Country, of course if it's an overseas country this could be very hard.


The player can choose to join the AXIS Faction, but forget attacking the USA if you don't have enough Troops, make sure you can attack their defenses first; Coastal Forts, 3 Garrison and 1 Anti-tank in each Port to protect them. If the player joins the AXIS or if Declares War on the USA or another country who is be able to station troops close to Venezuela (USA USA, The Netherlands, France France and England: Those are the countries who are likely attack Venezuela, because they have Lands close to it)

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