US occupation of Greenland and Iceland

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In Hearts of Iron 3 the US occupation of Greenland and Iceland decision and event allows for the United States to annex Greenland and Iceland.


The occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany began on April 9, 1940, severing communications between Iceland and Denmark. During the first year of World War II, Iceland strictly enforced a position of neutrality, taking action against both British and German forces violating the laws of neutrality. On May 10, 1940, British military forces began an invasion of Iceland when they sailed into Reykjavík harbour in Operation Fork.

During World War II, when Germany extended its war operations to Greenland, Henrik Kauffmann, the Danish Minister to the United States — who had already refused to recognize the German occupation of Denmark — signed a treaty with the United States on April 9, 1941, granting the US Armed Forces permission to establish stations in Greenland.


In order for the United States to fire the event England must exist, Lend Lease is in effect or it is 1940, it isn't in an alliance with the United Kingdom or the Soviet Union, it is not in a faction, England can control Iceland, and Denmark can control Greenland.

A.I. United States will execute the event 100% of the time, giving cores on Iceland and Greenland, removing any British cores, improving British-American relations by ten and reducing British-German relations by 15.