The Second Vienna Award

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In Hearts of Iron 3 The Second Vienna Award decision and event transfers northern Transylvania from Romania to Hungary.


After the World War I, the multiethnic Kingdom of Hungary was split apart by the Treaty of Trianon to form several new nation-states. The new Magyar(Hungarian) nation-state of Hungary was approximately ⅓ the size of the former Kingdom, and many ethnic Magyars now lived outside the borders of Hungary.

The Treaty and its consequences dominated Hungarian public life and political culture in the inter-war period. The alliance with Nazi Germany made possible Hungary's regaining of southern Slovakia in the First Vienna Award of 1938 and Subcarpathia in 1939. But that and the subsequent military conquest of Carpathian Ruthenia in 1939 still did not satisfy Hungarian political ambitions.

At the end of June 1940, as relations between Romania and her neighboring countries were seriously strained, the Romanian government gave in to an ultimatum from Soviet Russia, and allowed Moscow to retake Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, which had been incorporated into Romania after World War I. Although the territorial loss was undesirable, the Romanian government viewed it as preferable to the conflict which could have arisen had Romania resisted Soviet advances. This encouraged Hungary to escalate its efforts to resolve the question of Transylvania.

The negotiations started on August 16, 1940, but soon fell through entirely. The Romanian government asked Italy and Germany to arbitrate.

The ministers of foreign affairs of the Axis, Joachim von Ribbentrop of Germany and Galeazzo Ciano of Italy, announced the award on August 30, 1940 at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. As a result of the award, Hungary regained 43,104 km² of its territories lost to Romania after the First World War. The new border was guaranteed by both Germany and Italy.

Meanwhile, the Romanian government had acceded to Italy's request for territorial cessions to Bulgaria. On September 7, under the Treaty of Craiova, the "Cadrilater" (southern Dobrudja) was ceded by Romania to Bulgaria.


In order for Hungary to fire the event it is not at war with Germany, not a subject, or government in exile, not a member of the Allies or Comintern, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Romania exist, Romania is not in a faction, Hungary's government is national socialism, fascist republic, Germanic fascist republic, right wing republic, Hungarian right wing republic, right wing autocrat, absolute monarchy, or imperial, the territories in question are controlled by Romania, Bessarabia is controlled by the Soviet Union, Hungary is not at war with Romania, and Romania is not a vassal.

A.I. Hungary will fire the event 100% of the time. This reduces their neutrality by three and relations with Romania by ten.

A.I. Germany will rule in Hungary's favor 100% of the time, reducing its neutrality by five, relations with Romania by ten, and improving them with Hungary by ten.

A.I. Romania will accept the outcome 100% of the time. This will secede the territory, improve relations with Germany by ten and Hungary by 20. A human Romania can refuse the event reducing relations with Hungary by 25 and Germany by 20. It will also create a state of war between Hungary and Romania.

A human Germany can refuse Hungary's request reducing relations by ten, and improving relations with Romania by ten. This will also create five dissent in both Hungary and Romania.

Romania accepting the ruling will reduce Hungarian dissent by ten and improve their relations with Germany by five. Romania denying the ruling in Hungary's favor will reduce Hungary's relations with them by ten, Hungary will join the Axis and gain five dissent.