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Original List

Ministers by country

Afghanistan ministers Albania ministers Argentina ministers Australia ministers Austria ministers Belgium ministers Bhutan ministers Bolivia ministers Brazil ministers Bulgaria ministers Canada ministers Chile ministers Colombia ministers Communist China ministers Costa Rica ministers Croatia ministers Cuba ministers Czechoslovakia ministers DDR ministers Denmark ministers Dominican Republic ministers Ecuador ministers Egypt ministers El Salvador ministers Estonia ministers Ethiopia ministers FRG ministers Finland ministers France ministers Germany ministers Greece ministers Guangxi Clique ministers Guatemala ministers Guyana ministers Haiti ministers Honduras ministers Hungary ministers Iceland ministers India ministers Indochina ministers Indonesia ministers Iraq ministers Ireland ministers Israel ministers Italian Social Republic ministers Italy ministers Japan ministers Jordan ministers Korea ministers Latvia ministers Lebanon ministers Liberia ministers Lithuania ministers Luxemburg ministers Manchukuo ministers Mengkukuo ministers Mexico ministers Mongolia ministers Nationalist China ministers Nationalist Spain ministers Nepal ministers Netherlands ministers New Zealand ministers Nicaragua ministers Norway ministers Oman ministers Pakistan ministers Palestine ministers Panama ministers Paraguay ministers People's Republic of Korea ministers Persia ministers Peru ministers Philippines ministers Poland ministers Portugal ministers Republican Spain ministers Romania ministers Saudi Arabia ministers Shanxi ministers Siam ministers Sinkiang ministers Slovakia ministers South Africa ministers Soviet Union ministers Sweden ministers Switzerland ministers Syria ministers Tannu Tuva ministers Tibet ministers Turkey ministers USA ministers United Kingdom ministers Uruguay ministers Venezuela ministers Vichy France ministers Xibei San Ma ministers Yemen ministers Yugoslavia ministers Yunnan ministers