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Userinfo can be used by anyone wanting to provide some information about themselves in a straight-forward manner


This infobox may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below into an article.

| forum-nick = 
| location =   
| join =  
| roles =  
| avatar = 
| image-size =
| HOI2 = 
| Vicky =
| EU2 =
| EU3 =


Parameter Explanation
forum-nick Your username at the Paradox forums. Only needed if your username there is different from your username here
location Where are you?
join When did you join the HoI3Wiki?
roles What do you primarily do around here?
avatar Image name of your uploaded avatar
image-size Image size; default is 50px
If this field is included, it must have a parameter or only the avatar's image name will show.
HOI2, Vicky, EU2 and EU3 Used to indicate which wikis you are active in by providing a link to your userpage at the given wiki.

If no value is given, it's assumed that your username there is the same as your username here. If a given parameter isn't given, you will be listed as not being active at that wiki.


| forum-nick = YourNameHere 
| location =  3rd Rock from the Sun 
| join = Sep 1st, 1939 
| roles = Germany, Reference materials 
| Vicky =
| HOI2 = MyHoiI2Name 
| EU3 =

will display the userbox you can see to the right

User information

Forum nick YourNameHere
Location: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Join-date: Sep 1st, 1939
Wiki-role(s): Germany, Reference materials

Also on the following wikis: