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Stub can be used to highlight stub articles.

Articles are labeled with stub when they are incomplete. This is a fairly natural progression for a wiki: it is sometimes impossible to create a comprehensive article from scratch. It takes time to develop, and sometimes one person can only contribute a small portion to a given subject. Labeling an article as a stub is a notice to other users to help pitch in and add more content. As Wikipedia explains: "When you write a stub, bear in mind that it should contain enough information for other editors to expand upon it. The key is to provide adequate context — articles with little or no context usually end up being deleted."


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below into an article.



There are none.


There are none.


Puts a table onto the page concerning their length.

Updating This Template

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Will display this:

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For more info about this template (along with some examples of its use), go to the Wikipedia page it was copied from.