Tannu Tuva ministers

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Name Ideology Traits Start Date
Salchak Gyrmittai Stalinist Head Of State: Insignificant Layman
Foreign Minister: Apologetic Clerk
Kemchik-ool Stalinist Head Of Government: Smiling Oilman
Foreign Minister: Ideological Crusader
S.T. Perilenko Stalinist Armament Minister: Corrupt Kleptocrat 1936.1.1
A.D. Kravchenko Stalinist Minister Of Security: Back Stabber 1936.1.1
Valerie Mejlauk Stalinist Minister Of Intelligence: Political Specialist 1936.1.1
Tanchak Shoma Stalinist Chief Of Staff: School Of Defence
Chief Of Army: Static Defence Doctrine
V.I. Kulikovskij Stalinist Chief Of Navy: Indirect Approach Doctrine 1936.1.1
I.P. Rugalinskij Stalinist Chief Of Air: Army Aviation Doctrine 1936.1.1
Vladimir Potemkine Stalinist Foreign Minister: Iron Fisted Brute 1941.1.1
Sodmon Balchor Stalinist Foreign Minister: Great Compromiser 1938.1.1
Vladimir Sokoline Stalinist Armament Minister: Resource Industrialist 1941.1.1
Vladimir Oroskevich Stalinist Minister Of Security: Silent Lawyer 1936.1.1