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There is some very suspect advice in this page. Though updated for FTM it seems out of sync even with that version. CAGs have half stacking penalty during CAG duty, so to claim four of them is extreme contradicts facts. Also, there is a claim that fleet speed differential changes caused CVs to close to surface engagement: CVs just don't do this. Anybody else viewing this page - any input is appreciated. Charles Reeps

The CVs don't close, they always stay back, but if ships are fast enough they can catch up with them and get into range to fire their guns. I have been fighting a British carrier group of 2 carriers and 4 destroyers in 1940 literally for weeks as it sails up and down the eastern British coast - I only have bombers with nearly 0% org and 1939 destroyers/cruisers/light cruisers/battlecruisers. The CAGs did some serious damage before I shot them down. . Unfortunately I don't have enough destroyers so I can't get my average speed to be better than the British and each battle starts with them about 40 km apart, with the range lengthening each hour (I need them to be 30km apart for the battlecruisers to hit). occasionally a bomber recovers some org so I am able to bomb them so I hope to sink them eventually. The distance separating the two fleets does vary according to composition but the CAGs damaged my destroyers too much to send them in by themselves. Chris

I removed the text that says that carriers close with carriers, that is wrong.Vakarr (talk) 06:32, 1 August 2013 (CEST)