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This is nearly the final issue of this page. I still have to go verify one piece of info concerning units raising the poor supply icon. I'm pretty certain TFH changed it, because if it didn't almost all units would raise this icon daily. If I hadn't have missed this error I'd be done.

You may notice that I removed the link to potski's thread. That thread is out of date, and when I read it I couldn't believe how little we knew compared to today. The inclusion of the thread would IMO cause more harm than good.

Most of this current edit has been rearranging text, providing some minor additional info, and removing a lot of useless text. I did provide a large-ish explanation on infra, so please look at it and provide feedback (perhaps another way to look at it?). Those that have helped in this - thank you. Feel free to clean this up some more.

vakarr: will try to run a sim on the supply production issue you raised. If I can duplicate it I can track it down. I assume even after this page is complete we can come back and edit.

vakarr: the update concerning SRing units is not accurate. Supply sent to an SRing unit does not continue toward that path. When the unit moves, so does the demand, thus the supply sent becomes excess. All excess supply begins to migrate back at 00:00. Further, as long as an SRing unit is in a province at the stroke of midnight it will place a demand on that province. If the unit moves out of that province before the next midnight so does the demand. SRing units west-to-east doesn't show this too well, but if you SR them north-to-south you can readily see this on the supply map. The logistics system is demand (draw) driven, with the units placing a demand on the province it is in, which then cascades backwards toward the depot. Then the supply system merely tries to fill this demand. This is one of those issues I felt best addressed by a seperate page that would hopefully address all the quirks of the supply system; i.e., something like the do's and don'ts of supply. It is my opinion that we should keep the logistics reference as clean as possible for basic ease of understanding. What's your opinion? --Charles Reeps (talk) 05:38, 4 September 2013 (CEST)

yes, that's fine, no new page needed, though, just put it on the Logistics strategy page Vakarr (talk) 13:26, 4 September 2013 (CEST)