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Cavalry, coordination penalty

I checked, Cavalry do give a CA bonus like infantry -Vakarr

Yep, I checked too, now we need to rewrite the thing ;) -malevoiy

You are correct about the Cavalry. I am confused by the articles claim that the theater commander reduces a "coordination penalty." AFIK there is no such penalty - and no such 12-division limit for attacks (this is determined by frontage) - and the theater commander reduces the "stacking penalty." Anybody got an idea what this is about? Charles

From what I can gather, The co-ordination penalty is 1% for every division over 12 engaged in a battle, modified by the Theatre Leader's skill. Allowed units (i.e. divisions) in a combat = integer ( frontage / unit width ) + 1 The stacking limit relates to Divisions, while the Frontage relates to brigades. So the Theatre Commander skill allows more divisions to enter a combat without incurring a stacking limit penalty. See Stacking Limits Chris

But there is no co-ordination penalty. You have a stacking penalty that is roughly 10% (with diminishing returns) per unit over the stacking limit. This is already expressed on the page with this: [stacking penalty = -100% x ( 1 - ( 0.9 to_the_power_of ( #_of_attacking_units - stacking_limit ))) + theatre_commander's_skill]. So there's where the theatre commander comes in - by reducing stacking penalty - and not for some fictious co-ordination penalty. Propose to remove. -Dakk

Actual combat resolution

Guys I read the wiki, and that old thread about combat resolution. Also take look into defines.lua and the dice sizes and the other damage modifiers are a bit different. I don't want to edit the wiki page unless I am sure and I am not sure. Do you know a newer thread on the forums about it that I can check?

Also is it founded how the actual strength level modifies the losses and the attack and defense abilities of a divison?

Oh and one more thing how does damage distributed between combat and support brigades? Drhavoc (talk) 18:39, 30 July 2013 (CEST)

I know the link concerning combat resolution needs to be eliminated, but I don't know of any thread that could replace it. IIRC blue emu provided an explanation on combat resolution in the main forum. Perhaps try searching "blue emu and combat"?
Since I finished testing on the shatter mechanism (will change things later), I am getting ready to do some minor testing on strength effects.
No known understanding - the division incurs damage as a whole, but I imagine there is some hidden mechanism to distribute damage. The best test would be to create a division with one combat- and one support-brigade and see what happens.
How did you create your User/Talk link? I'm knew to this whole wiki thing. Charles Reeps

- The talk link is at the top of the page/screen next to your name if you have logged in, just click on it and the talk page will be created if you don't have one already. Chris

You can type ~ four times and it puts your signature to the page. It's in here: Wiki cheatsheet And I can help you with the testing. Drhavoc (talk) 15:46, 31 July 2013 (CEST)
And here's a small lesson for you as well; interwiki links. See how I edited your link to Wikipedia. ~ Meneth (talk) 15:49, 31 July 2013 (CEST)