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Syria is a nation only available to the player when released from France as a puppet and then after the save game is edited to make them a free country. It is located on the edge of the middle east south of Turkey and borders many other middle eastern countries such as Lebanon and Iraq.

The nation will start off very weak. It does not have a single port yet it has 3 ocean bordering provinces. It is also mainly surrounded by Britain and France or other allied countries which will make expansion very hard.


One should steer clear from the Allies as they would make expansion for Syria very hard. Instead, you should try to join the Axis as it would mean Britain and France would have to worry about their colonies rather than Europe, making Germany's expansion much easier.


Being a small nation, Syria has little use for the intelligence system and, after getting 10 home spies, should not use it.


Trading is restricted as the country does not have a port. Instead you should trade with your Middle Eastern chums or Turkey.

One of the first things you should think about is the creation of a port. However, if you think it would be quicker and more efficient to expand the borders to include a port (i.e. invading Lebanon), you may consider this instead.


War with the other Middle Eastern states

If, when you created Syria from France, you also created Lebanon as well as Jordan, Israel and Egypt as free nations, they may be considered potential targets for the start of the Syrian Empire. If so, consider them easy wars and building up slightly to a medium war with Egypt. Of course, they are only warm ups for the true challenge for they could be considered useful.

War with the Allies

Eventually, you will have to invade the middle east from Britain. It will be a long and hard war but if Germany manages a moderately successful Sealion, or Japan manages to reach India, then the war shouldn't be too hard for you as Britain will have their troops stretched across the world.

With the entire Middle East under your belt, you are a force to be reckoned with and you may want to consider expanding your borders further into Persia or Turkey for example. But really you can now sit on the throne of a grand empire.

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