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Goals: To improve how naval warfare feels and make it more realistic as well as let the player, not the game, tailor what kinds of ships and fleets you want to build. By adding drawbacks there are more reasons to use older ship components or skip some component all together in some cases.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location
Current version v0.2
Last update 9/14/2009
Compatibility All HOI3 Versions
Mod team Alex_Brunius

Change Log

version 0.1

Added units:

  • Ultra Heavy Battleship

Added components for:

  • Ultra Heavy Battleship
  • Super Heavy Battleship

Added technologies:

  • Ultra Heavy Battleship.
  • Floatplane Adaptations.
  • Smallship Torpedoes.
  • Proximity Fuse.

Changed technologies:

  • Destroyer Main Armaments -> Dual Purpose guns (added air attack/defence for all ships).
  • Heavier Ship Armour now also slows all ships down.
  • Ship Engine Upgrades now increase fuel consumtion by a noticeable margin.
  • Fixed Smallship ASW so that It works beyond level 3.
  • Naval Radar now increases night combat efficiency.

Components & Modelnames will be added and supported for the 4 major Naval powers (ENG, USA, JAP, GER) in English.


  • Changed Amph Assault penalty to -80% *
  • Changed minimum divisions size to 4000 (to make it easier to garrision coasts) *
  • Changed the cost of Convoys and Escorts to 9 times as much *
  • Changed the cost of Transports to 4 times as much and trippled their hullsize to make them more durable
  • Changed Air stacking penalty to 5% per airwing after the first *
  • Changed the shore bombardment cap to -80% *
  • Changed dug in cap to 20 *
  • Increased the org lost from strategic redeployment (from 0.02 to 0.10) to make it harder to react quickly to hostile landings *
  • Added Officer cost to all naval units and CAGs
  • Doubled Leadership to Officer ratio to compensate *
  • Added a small transport capacity to most naval warships, a warship fleet should now be able to carry a few infantry brigades
  • Tweaked transport weight of most brigades (increased weight for motor units)
  • Halved baseline supply and fuel consumtion for ships so larger fleets can be based at small Island bases