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Logistics reference

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* Yellow denotes supply received does not meet demand and the infrastructure is damaged.
* The colors used on the map only refer to supply, and not fuel - although the mouse tooltip for each province will show specific numbers for both supply and fuel.
For more details, view this post [ by potski] on the HOI3 forums explaining the supply map and many intricacies and implications of supply draw.
===Manual Control===
== Lack of Supplies ==
Every unit has attempts to have a 30/15(FTM/TFH) days reserve of supplies and fuel during wartimein the province it is located. If there are not enough supplies available in the province the units draws supplies from you will notice the poor-supply-icon warning you that the province's required available supply is not equal to or more than the units daily consumption. Penalties only start to occur when the unit no longer has a full days supply to consume each day at 00:00.
If the 30/15-day-reserve is completely exhausted, a unit will no longer be able to initiate a new move order to hostile territories or attack. The penalties then are: