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Logistics reference

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Lack of Supplies
# -50% combat modifier
# Can not move on offense or initiate a new attack# out You do not get reinforcements, organization or upgrades# Out of fuel = -90% movement speed for units using fuel# you do not get reinforcements, organization or upgrades
Units out of supply will not reinforce, regain organization or upgrade, hence attrition will occur resulting in a strength loss. Through logistical bombing and/or port strikes, this can be used to wear down the strength and organization of units in any fortified position by denying them supplies and fuel, and thus enable an assault otherwise impossible. Note that different units draw varying levels of supplies. Infantry will always draw less supplies than motorized divisions, for example. When strategically redeploying units, supply draw is doubled and units consume no fuel ( and are also unaffected by lack of fuel movement penalty ).
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