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Barbarossa 1941-1943
==Barbarossa 1941-1943==
Operation Barbarossa, or the invasion of the USSR, is by far what the German industrial effort is gearing up for and started historically in late 1941. The invasion was split into three distinct army groups each with an objective to capture: Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad respectively. The war claimed millions of lives on both sides as the huge Soviet army fought to defend on a front from Finland to the Caucasus against overwhelming German air power and armoured divisions. The attack was ultimately repulsed only miles from each of the key objectives, so with a little more cunning the player should be able to force a "bitter peace".
For advice on a German OOB see here.
===North Army Group===
North Army Group is tasked with the siege and capture of Leningrad after siezing the Baltic nations (Estonia, Latvia + Lithuania).
===Central Army Group===
Central Army Group will advance through Minsk and Smolensk with its objective to capture Moscow, the Soviet capital.
===South Army Group===
South Army Group's objective is the oil fields of Baku in Azerbaijan. To do this it will need to advance through Ukraine and the Crimea and defeat Russian forces at Stalingrad.
==Minor Theatres==
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