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Invasion of the Low Countries
===Invasion of the Low Countries===
To get to France, it is physically inevitable that the player will declare war on Holland and Belgium. This also grants Germany a series of Ports and Airfields from which to strike at the UK.
The Netherlands can be conquered in a matter of days. By now you should have left a small force guarding the Soviet border, and moved your Panzer units over to the West. Spearhead for the victory points with your armour and mop up with any remaining infantry. All your air units should be used to a) gain air superiority and b) strike at Dutch airbases/ground troops. You should also invade Luxembourg at around this point. Capture it with a single corps.
For Belgium, rinse and repeat. Keep your armour close to the coast where the ground is flat, while your infantry move into the forested region of Liege. French troops will probably move into Belgium, so it's important to cross the Meuse river as soon as possible. With air superiority and tank superiority you should quickly push them back.
===Invasion of France===
===The Battle of Britain===

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