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===Middle East===
===Battle of the Atlantic===
===War in Africa===
====European Assets in Africa====
The majority of Africa is owned by Europe. The nations that own the territory are Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain (Nationalist or Republican), and the United Kingdom. European controlled territories hold 1 strategic resource (Uranium, Élisabethville). Africa holds no threat to Germany. Other than the Uranium and the strategic value of getting the UK and US to invade and entrap themselves in the middle of nowhere, there is almost no value in taking Africa.
=====Belgian Assets=====
The only Belgian asset in the world other than Belgium is the Congo.
''The Congo''
:The Congo (modern-day Zaïre) is a fairly simple area to conquer. The entire area will be what is left of Belgium after its fall in Europe. It has 3 Victory Points in 3 territories: Boma (which contains a port and airfield), Léopoldville, and Élisabethville. But you don't have to fire a single shot in Africa and still get the Congo by simply using espionage to make Belgium surrender. The airfield in Boma is very useful for launching more attacks in Africa. The port is useful for pulling in supplies to local forces in Africa. But the chief reason to take the Congo is the Uranium in Élisabethville which gives a bonus of 40% to Nuclear Research.
:Dropping in garrisons to hold Buma and Élisabethville would be a very smart strategy to prevent Allied South Africa from claiming the Uranium.
=====French/Vichy Assets=====
France/Vichy owns a large portion of Africa, most of which is impassable. There are very few resources and no strategic resources owned by France/Vichy. The most valuable reason to invade French/Vichy Africa is the strategic value and the chance to draw in the UK and US into traps.
''North Africa''
:The northern coast of Africa in what is now Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco is some of the only territory that has a passable infrastructure. In fact, Tan Tan, which borders Spanish Morocco, is impassable. The stretch from Zarzis (Tunisia) to Goulimine (Morocco) is owned entirely by France (and then Vichy, post-Fall of France). Historically, the Americans invaded in Casablanca. This can occur in the game as the Allies sometimes declare war on Vichy, or if you conquer Vichy. The instinctive reaction would be to push them back to the Atlantic, however, you should let them make their way to near Oran before taking back Casablanca. Then, no matter how many troops they have, they can be easily defeated as long as you hold Oran, Casablanca, and Tamanar as you will cut off supply. Then push through and encircle them with Mountain Infantry and Anti-Tank Weapons.
:There is a little bit of Metal and Rare Minerals, but it's nothing to write home about and, unless every single mineral and steel beam is imperative to your war effort, it's not worth invading for the resources. The only valuable reason to take North Africa is to draw the US and UK into a trap (as mentioned in the previous paragraph).
''West Africa''
:French West Africa spans from modern Chad to Mauritania to Senegal and then south to the Ivory Coast. Most of this area is impassable and worthless to the war machine. You can pass from Port Etienne, along the coast, and get to modern Nigeria. You cannot pass around Nigeria, however, if you are at war with France and Vichy, you are also at war the United Kingdom (the owner of Nigeria). If you pass through Nigeria, you can then drive straight into Belgium as long as you pass through Republican Spain (a declaration of war can take care of that).
:Passing through West Africa allows you to get access to the Congo which has Uranium (see Belgian Assets).
:Other than the location which adds another port into East Africa, there is no value in taking and holding Djibouti. Other than being able to say that Germany has Djibouti.
:The island of Madagascar provides a great launching point to take South Africa or a way to get to the Pacific and avoid British patrols around India.
:Like Djibouti, Madagascar (and it nearby islands of Reunion and The Comoros) have no resources. They have only ports.
=====Italian Assets=====
=====Portuguese Assets=====
=====Spanish Assets=====
=====UK Assets=====
====South Africa====
===War in Asia===

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