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In [[Hearts of Iron 3]] it Germany is one of the [[major powers]]and the key antagonist of the war. Germany is the leader of the [[Axis]], has a prime locationfor land invasion, and a strong [[economy]]and technological capacity rivalled only by the USA. Furthermore, it has the largest number of diplomatic [[decisions]] and [[events]] of any nation in the game. As a result, it allows the player to pursue a wide variety of strategic and tactical challenges. Germany, while potentially daunting, can serve as a great starting point for new players. It allows the player to jump right into the action, and with its focus on the land combat and a somewhat forgiving nature it allows the player to bloody themselves before progressing onto more difficult nations.
While Germany can devote a considerable amount of leadership to research early in the game, it is not possible for Germany to research ''everything.''
# '''Infantry, Armor & Land Doctrines:''' An obvious priority for Germanyis its land forces, including regular Infantry which should be largely motorised/mechanised as well as plenty of Light, and Medium Armour with Artillery and Heavy armorAT support. Nearly every land Doctrine wise, Germany should focus on Blitzkrieg/Schwerpunkt Armour upgrades as well as Infantry + Motorised doctrines. Combined Arms doctrine is worthy of research for Germanya must.# '''Industry:''' An essential focal point of Research, with just about every technology (excluding rockets) being a priority. # '''Aircraft:''' Fighter airpower is essential to Germany's success, particularly in defense against Allied strategic bombing. Researching Close Air Support is advised as it shares the Light Aircraft practical with Interceptors. Medium bombers are also useful, although large aircraft are a heavy investment, some research may be required if the player desires to use Paratroopers. # '''Naval technology:''' Germany is fairly weak in naval technology, advanced players tend to go with Battleships & Destroyers if they wish to threaten the UK. Regular players can avoid Otherwise, submarines are useful to threaten British shipping without engaging in direct naval technology entirely and have a perfectly challenging gamecombat with the significantly superior Royal Navy.
* '''Re-occupation of the Rhineland:''' This can be achieved in January, 1936 by simply occupying the provinces indicated in the decision. This decision provides a loss in 3 neutrality for Germany and a 2% decrease in Dissent, plus a gain to income of $500, as well an increase of 2 to unity. Relations will be decreased; France -15, UK -5, Belgium -10, Netherlands -5. Threat to France will increase by 3. The re-occupation is required if you wish to do the Anschluss of Austria before 1938.
* '''Anschluss of Austria:''' This event can be trigged by May, 1937, if Germany fills Austria with spies on the mission "support our party" from the start of the game. It is also fairly easy to achieve by waiting: early in 1938 Austria will have the "political crisis" event, after which time the conditions for the anschluss are met. This decision is very valuable for Germany as it provides 1 additional leadership, 19 additional ''base IC'' (a great deal more effective IC with modifiers of course), a -5 loss in neutrality, and additional manpower. Conversely, Germany gains 5 dissent, 20 threat, poor relations, and provides France and the UK with lost neutrality.