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===War in Europe===
Taking Albania is a very time-limited option, as Albania recieves receives an ultimatum by Italy. The best way to take Albania is by going through Yugoslavia first.
# While backward technologically with poor Leadership for its size, the USSR is entirely resource self-sufficient and the overwhelming majority of these stores are located far from the European border. The USSR can and will fuel an enormous amount of Industrial Capacity if left alone, and will even begin to break early trade agreements with Germany to do so. Also, the Soviets cannot run out of manpower in normal game play.
# When Germany attacks, the USSR will receive a number of progressive large bonuses to its manpower and other aspects of its war machine. Great Patriotic War in particular confers +2000.0 manpower, which is more than Germany starts the war with.
# The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (non-agression aggression Pact) trades roughly 18 months of (mostly) guaranteed non-aggression for being several hundred miles further from Moscow. You can opt to not offer it, but most players consider this to be an exploit as a USSR attack is not guaranteed if you do not seal the Pact. That said, extremely low or non-existent 1940 Soviet neutrality will risk war.# Failure to adequately garrison the polish border after the non-agression aggression pact can lead to a declaration of war from the Soviet Union declaring while you are in the middle of Fall Gelb. To avoid this disastrous outcome, you need to garrison the German-Russian border in 1940 with at least 50% of the number of brigades the soviets have deployed across the border. This drops towards parity in 1941, but by then you had better be preparing for war yourself.# Whether by the non-agression aggression pact decay, german German success against Great Britain, or the general loss of neutrality and extreme threat imposed on the USSR by Germany and Japan's actions, the Soviet Union will eventually launch its own invasion of the Reich, most likely some time in 1942. Take care of business on Eurasia before pursuing wars in the Atlantic.
# Be advised that there is a particular series of events that can make the USSR far more dangerous in Their Finest Hour. The USSR draws threat from both Germany and Japan, as it "borders" both in close proximity. If Japanese declarations of war and German events move on an aggressive schedule, the USSR can lose enough neutrality to be able to declare its own local wars as early as mid-1939. A human USSR player in MP will almost certainly do this. If an AI UK then decides to play world policeman and declare war on the USSR, that will put the USSR on a PERMANENT total war footing versus the Allies, as much as two years before Barbarossa. Unfortunately, the enraged bear will still want to fight you eventually...
==Gaming the System==
'''Start war late:'''
if you do not use the first vienna award, the other countries won't do any national decisions. this allows you to attack later and even conquer poland Poland and then the USSR without any attack from the Allies.
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