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Just annex It is literally insane for Germany to attack Austriainstead of peacefully annexing it. There is nearly no way around The only reason Austria did not immediately chose ''Anchluss'', incorporation into Germany, the then-much larger bordering state with whom it still shares both language and culture, immediately following their defeat in World War I was because it was expressly forbidden to do so by the Treaty of Versailles. The moment Germany abrogated the treaty, the ''Anchluss'' became its primary foreign affairs concern until itwas achieved, a concern shared by a majority of the Austrians themselves. War As such, war with Austria to take what you could get , when it can be taken for free makes no sense and just by automatic chronological event, simply wastes both men , materiel and vital time. 
As always, Belgium is just the helpless victim that gets overrolled for the sake of it by Germany. Belgium, either as an ally or a war target, is the best way for land troops into France, especially since it is a lot closer to Paris than the direct border to France. Note that you should attack them with a Blitzkrieg and prevent them from joining the allies prior via diplomatic means (it is actually very easy to establish the National Socialists as government via espionage, but you could also just influence them if you do not want to wait for the 1940 elections), because if they do, there is a chance that France or even the UK will garrison troops there.

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