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Console commands

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Added cheats from "help" command added since this was last thoroughly updated. Resource cheats also now require a value. Probably TFH only?
* debug fow - Remove/add fog of war
* event + #event code# - Activates event
* debug spy - Superior espionage turned on/off. (Makes all information displayed on Intelligence screen 100% accurate)
* debug yesmen - AI now always responds favorably/normally
* revolt + provid - Adds revolt to specified province, repeat to add more rebels.
* tdbg - Show province IDs on the map when you mouse over a province. (Note: only for For The Motherland 3.06 and Their Finest Hour.)
* setnationalunity + TAG + ## - changes national unity of target to specified value. Handy for making a nation surrender (or fight on)
* givemeall + ## - Gives specified amount of all resources
* conquerall + TAG - Instantly occupy all provinces in specified nation.
* pauseai + TAG - Specified nation AI will no longer make any decisions. (Current orders - e.g. production or unit movement - will continue but new ones will not be ordered.)
* reorg + provid - Restores player units in province to maximum organisation. Does not include expeditionary forces under your control.
* teleportselectionto + provid - Teleports selected unit to specified province.
* election - Instantly holds an election in the player nation.
* alwayspartisans - Allows your underground resistance cells to spawn partisans regardless of strength.
* date + date in format - Change current date.
* guarantee + TAG + TAG - First specified nation proclaims guarantee on second.
* surrender + TAG + TAG - First specified nation is annexed by second specified nation.
* help - List all cheats.
* help + cheat - Explain function of cheat command
== Bonuses to all nations (player and AI) ==
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