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Belgian Assets
''The Congo''
:The Congo (modern-day Zaïre) is a fairly simple area to conquer. The entire area will be what is left of Belgium after its fall in Europe. It has 3 Victory Points in 3 territories: Boma (which contains a port and airfield), Léopoldville, and Élisabethville. But you don't have to fire a single shot in Africa and still get the Congo by simply using espionage to make Belgium surrender. The airfield in Boma is very useful for launching more attacks in Africa. The port is useful for pulling in supplies to local forces in Africa. But the chief reason to take the Congo is the Uranium in Élisabethville which gives a bonus of 40% to Nuclear Research.
:Dropping in garrisons to hold Buma and Élisabethville would be a very smart strategy to prevent Allied South Africa from claiming the Uranium.
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