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As always, Belgium is just the helpless victim that gets overrolled for the sake of it by Germany. Belgium, either as an ally or a war target, is the best way for land troops into France, especially since it is a lot closer to Paris than the direct border to France. Note that you should attack them with a Blitzkrieg and prevent them from joining the allies prior via diplomatic means (it is actually very easy to establish the National Socialists as government via espionage, but you could also just influence them if you do not want to wait for the 1940 elections), because if they do, there is a chance that France or even the UK will garrison troops there.
Kind of a hard thing to accomplish, as the threat from declaring war on Yugoslavia and then Bulgaria might get you an Allied DOW, but the transports from Germany might not be able to land there. For best results, try knocking out France first, but beware: if you declare war on Bulgaria while also at war with the Allies, then Bulgaria will automatically join the Allies.
What applies for Austria applies for Czechoslovakia. But here, timing of the events that trigger the step by step taking of the country is decisive. Watch yourself, or the Allies will declare war on YOU.
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