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## If a landmass stockpile is beyond a certain value convoys will stop shipping supply until the stockpile drops down to a level where it needs supply again. This applies only to the stockpile port. Any other convoys you set up to the same landmass will continue shipping as long as they have a demand. This can cause you to overstock the landmass and waste supplies.
## Stockpile thresholds are determined by the demand of the stockpile province on any given day multiplied by the number of days for supply/fuel reserves (as of TFH, 15-days).
# '''Supply re-route:''' Starting in Semper Fi, it is possible to create sea convoys to improve the supply flow to areas already connected via land to the supply depot (Lenningrad and VladivostockVladivostok: in addition to a land connection, can also have a sea connection). This can happen so long as the provinces involved are separated by at least 10 provinces.
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