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Region modding
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== Region modding ==
I'm trying to play as Austria and recreate the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the game. When I declared war on Yugoslavia in an effort to take Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. I found that while you can acquire Slovenia, The Independent State of Croatia couldn't be annexed and I would have had to spend 2 years worth of time annexing all of the territory I wanted to take over. I did a little digging around and I found out how to make Croatia an aquireable territory.
But then I got to thinking, that I could mod a territory that would give me all I want in one go instead of spending months bleeding my manpower in this endeavour.
I did what I thought may have done the trick (I created a austria-hungary region in the region text file) but obviously I'm missing something to help the game recognise it.
I'm a better editor than a modder, so I am a complete novice in this area.
If it can't be done I'll just make do with that I have changed.

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