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Games produced by Paradox Interactive invariably have many versions. There are essentially two types of versions:
* Patches: Each release of Hearts of Iron 3 has patches specific to that release, with the last patch for the "vanilla" game being 1.4, the latest patch for Semper Fi being 2.04 and for For the Motherland being 3.05 (''note:'' the original "Hearts of Iron 3" game is referred to as the "vanilla" version). There are no patches As of this edit, the most recent patch for ''Their Finest Hour''is 4.02. Patches to the game improve stability, gameplay, and add new features to the game based on user input from the forums. As a result, it is absolutely essential to apply patches—these represent a more complete and "finished" version of the game. Exception: If you buy the ''Hearts of Iron Collection'' and then ''Their Finest Hour'', no patches have to be applied.
* Expansions: The game has three expansions called ''Semper Fi'', ''For the Motherland'', and "Their Finest Hour" (TFH). These expansions, especially the last one, are considered important for high quality gameplay. The first two are included in the ''Hearts of Iron Collection'' and you have to install them before you install TFH.
This wiki uses a [[Template:Version|versioning system]] to ensure that content on a page is correct for only the most current game versions: pages that are marked as obsolete should be updated as needed by readers.

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