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Logistics reference

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Research that effects supply
Units out of supply will not reinforce, regain organization or upgrade, hence attrition will occur resulting in a strength loss. Combined with tactical bombing, this can reduce the strength of any fortified province to be enable an assault. Note that different units draw varying levels of supplies. Infantry will always draw less supplies than motorized divisions, for example. When strategically redeploying units, supply draw is doubled.
==Research , Leaders and Ministers that effects effect supply use ==
* Large Front: reduces supply consumption -0.01/level (HQs only)
* Guerrilla Warfare: reduces supply consumption -0.01/level (HQs only)
* Airborne Warfare Equipment: reduces supply consumption -0.1 (paraPara, Gurkha & Ranger only)
* Supply Transportation: each level reduces transfer cost by .01
* Supply Organization: each level increases throughput by .05
* Port Efficiency: Base supply per port level is increased 20%/level
* Army Group leader reduces supply/fuel consumption 5%/skill level for units under his command
* Logistics Wizard reduces supply/fuel consumption 25% for his unit
* Chief of Staff minister with Logistics Specialist Trait gives +10% throughput
* Chief of the Army with Bread & Butter Doctrine gives -10% supply consumption
* Chief of the Navy with Base Control Doctrine gives +10% Naval Base efficiency
==Modding Supply==