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Logistics reference

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Supply Depots
== Supply Depots ==
Supply depots (aka "supply sources" or "supply centers"), are a physical location on the map where all excess supply in a units for that landmass region will try to travel to each day, 1 province per daydraw supply from. For overseas regions these are ports assigned by the AI. They appear On the supply map these depots show as three gold crates . In supply map mode each province will show which stockpile they are supplied from; e.g., Rostock would show as being supplied from Berlin. This will also give you supply requested and received, plus the current amount of supply/fuel in a the province.  The national information for your nation's overall supply tooltip information is shown by a direct extraction of all tooltip at the values top of the capital province in map. This tooltip is three small crates. It will be green for supply surplus and red for deficit. Cursor over it and you will receive all pertinent data for your national supply map modesituation. If When supply production is currently on in the production tab then a tooltip on that slider will show how much supply units will be produced for the next dayyou are producing. That value on the next day at 000 00:00 will deploy amongst to all IC provinces meeting all the following conditions: 1) Has a Is land connection connected to the capital, 2) Is Owned and Controlled, and 3) Is a Core province. The amount each IC receives is based upon the amount of supplies produced divided by the unmodified number of ICs receiving the supplies. Please note that overseas IC do not deploy supply, but they can be applied to the production of supply. These rules also apply to While fuel production and is automatically converted its deploymentfollows the same rules as supply.
# The overseas supply source for any territory not connected to a nation's main land is a port.
# The tooltips for the national stockpile on the top of the screen are:
Apart from supply sources, any province that has received more supplies than the units in that province used will temporarily store these supplies. Thus, these These supplies can be captured if the province is captured. After a short period of time (each night at 00000:00), any provinces with surplus supplies (other than a supply depot) will send them back to a supply depot along the supply network. There is no throughput cap on supplies heading back to the center, and no supply tax.
== Supply Network ==