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Logistics reference

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Supply Map
=== Supply Map ===
The supply map effectively shows the supply network is as not a static network, but instead a constantly changing network based on unit needs. ''Thus, this map mode is a snap shot in time, not a comprehensive view of what your supply network might be capable of in different circumstances.''
* Green shows it is receiving all of its requested supplies and every unit is in supply.
* Blue shows a supply surplus.
* Black shows zero supply, but can have requests.
* Brown shows province has received supply, but not enough to meet requestsdemand.
* Red hatching shows limitation being imposed BY the infrastructure (demand exceeds the throughput of the infrastructure).
* Red shows when a province with units has 0-supply.
* Yellow shows supply received does not meet demand and the infrastructure is damaged.
* There is no color for fuel.  For more details, view this post [ by potski] on the HOI3 forums explaining the supply map and many intricacies and implications of supply draw.
=== Allies & Puppets ===

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