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Logistics reference

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Supply Depots: added bullet points
# The tooltips for the national stockpile on the top of the screen are:
* Into network= The amount of supply deployed to qualified IC. This number is derived from the supply produced minus any supply deployed to the capital IC.* Convoyed out= How much supply is being sent out in convoys each day(supply does not travel from the capital to a port to ship out through a convoy, supply will magically just ship out with no effect on the supply map mode.
Returned to stockpile= Excess supply that is transferred into the capital province that day from adjacent provinces or a convoy from a landmass that is empty of units but has supply present in it.
* Traded away= supplies you are selling to a nation or supplies distributed to an ally to cover costs of your units operating in their supply networks
Traded for= Supply coming in from nations you bought supply from.
* Used= The amount of supply transfered from the national stockpile into the capital province to meet the demands of all land-connected units. This includes aircraft and ships drawing supply from their respective non-overseas bases/ports. * Produced= the value from the previous day in the production slider tooltip for supply production.

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