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Beginner's guide

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=== Politics ===
You can influence some of the political policies and ministers of your country. Each minister has associated bonuses that can be used to advance your strategy in many areas of the game. Your internal policies can be adjusted to increase IC, manpower, officers, unit experience and more. Most of these policy choices have a clear best setting, but you are often constrained in achieving this option depending on your neutrality, government and whether you are at war among other factors. If you are occupying foreign territory you have the choice to treat them lightly for more manpower and officers but reduced IC, or massively exploit them for maximum IC, but reduced manpower and officers, or for some balance between the two. For more information, see [[Political strategy]] orView view the video tutorial on Politics here: [ Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 6 - Politics]
=== Technology ===

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