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Beginner's guide

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=== Intelligence ===
The espionage system allows you to perform many actions. Internally you can eliminate enemy spies on your home turf, reduce your neutrality, support your ruling party or increase your national unity. Externally you can perform the same actions as on your home turf, plus inhibit enemy research, steal technology, perform Covert Operations, and increase your knowledge of enemy units and ships.
==== Counterespionage ====
==== Threats ====
One of the best Intel missions is to get your neighbours to view another country as a threat to them. That will help a lot in keeping them from entering a faction or joining an alliance. As Germany, for example, keep threat missions going against France, the UK, and the USSR so that other countries become less inclined to join the Allies or the Cominterm.
You can see the video tutorial on Intelligence here: [ Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 7 - Intelligence]
== Military Basics ==

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