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Logistics reference

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Modding Supply
* SUPPLY_TAX = 0.1 [the additional cost per "node"]
* MUDDYNESSSUPPLYTAXMODIFIER = 0.25 [additive to Supply tax for provinces in muddy conditions]
* OWNED_AND_CONTROLLED_THROUGHPUT_CAP_BONUS = 2 [Maximum Annexed land throughput bonus possible for throughput in a nation's controlled provinces]* INFRA_THROUGHPUT_IMPACT = 4, [Number base number of supplies that can be moved per infrastructure level]* SUPPLYPOOL_DAYS = 30 in FTM, 15 in TFH [Number of days a unit has local supply stocks without needing the supply system] The simplest method of improving the games difficulty level for a novice player is to simply play in arcade mode. Theres no need to modify files this way and supply is much simpler for both the player and the AI.

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